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what’s up guys today we’re going to be talking about Root Car Insurance if you’ve never heard of it now’s the time to look into it ok but saying I’m going to turn this website towards you know money-saving tips all that usually the biggest ones run off the bat me personally I saved about fifty-seven
dollars a month switching to root insurance okay if you don’t know what it is I’m gonna explain that for you real quick okay.

if you do and you’re just curious about it this is gonna be a good review I think you’re gonna be surprised at what you see alright so the basis of route insurance is it’s an app you download on the App Store? Android, iPhone either one it’s an app on your phone that basically keeps track of where you drive how fast you turn you know the whole nine yards it uses a GPS to obviously track your location okay.

where you’re going on the map just like if you were going to open Google Maps it knows where you are it uses the same thing the GPS and your phone to figure out where exactly you are the next thing it uses and you’ll see where I’m going with this a lot of people ask how does route measure your driving you know what is it determining the next thing it uses is an accelerometer in your phone okay iPhone Android.

we all have them these days and that accelerometer is able to essentially determine how fast you’re stopping or how fast you’re accelerating okay if you take off really fast well that’s probably not good for your root insurance score okay if you brake real fast obviously that’s not great either they want you to brake nice and easy.
take off nice and easy alright the whole point again behind all this is they’re measuring how you’re driving okay versus just throwing you a rate based on your insurance history like Geico State Farm Allstate progressive nation why I mean you can go on and on and on the third sensor that
uses the gyroscope in your phone what that helps them do is determine how fast you’re turning that’s one of the score ratings you’ll see how fast are you turning how hard are you turning are you an aggressive driver or are you slowing down appropriately are you turning a decent speed me personally.

I had to kind of watch myself but I’ll give you a tip this isn’t cheating but stay consistent trust me okay because again one of the big things is consistency and you’ll see where I’m getting with this the last sensor that they use is a Magnetometer what basically what the magnetometer does in your phone is determines your location or your phone’s location which is you nowadays – usually glued to me it determines your location basically in relation to Earth’s.
magnetic field okay it’s just another sensor that works with the accelerometer that works with the gyroscope it’s able to determine your location how fast you’re going how hard you’re turning braking acceleration the whole nine yards all these sensors together are able to determine whether you’re a
driver or passenger if you’re like me I’m out my phone on a little magnetic mount on my – okay some of you put it in between your legs I hear that’s bad for the sperm count just saying but they all determine whether you’re a driver or a passenger because you have different habits if you’re driving you may be of texting and driving.

I don’t know I’m not here to judge but a lot of us don’t have our phones in our hands the entire time so it’s able to build habits to determine what you usually do in your initial test drive as they call it okay now if you’re a passenger in somebody else’s car you’re probably on your phone more often you use it differently it’s mounted differently, for instance, it was able to determine that while I was driving my phone was standing upright on
the mount on my dash facing me when I’m a passenger likely put it in between my legs so from there it’s able to figure out pain this guy’s not driving

whatever happens, we’re not gonna hold it against him but it’s also not gonna go towards you positively the next thing you want to do is go to the link I’m gonna put it up on the screen right here okay it’s actually my referral link now before you just think I’m out here to gain gain gain I just want to save you even more money on my car insurance but it’s also gonna help you it’s actually gonna give you money off when you sign up if you go through the link it benefits you more than it does me promise you.

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